How to write a cover letter for a travel agent

Updated March 23, 2017

Your cover letter is similar to a sales letter--it could be the one thing that entices a recruiter to scan your resume. If you're seeking a job as a travel agent, your cover letter should highlight your own experiences travelling as well as your commitment to helping clients enjoy a perfect vacation.

Format the letter with your name and contact information at the very top (centred). Enter the recruiter's name and address on the next line (left justified) as you would for a standard business letter.

Start the text of your cover letter by describing the exact position you are applying for within the agency--for example, general sales agent, online agent, holiday or vacation agent, or business travel agent. Be as specific as possible about your job objective. Reference the job advertisement to find out the exact name of the open position.

Discuss your most exciting, unusual or interesting personal trip in the first paragraph of the cover letter. This will assure the recruiter that you have a specific passion for travel.

Explain why you believe you will be able to add value to the company at a time when travel agencies face competition from travel search engines on the Internet. For instance, explain if you have inside information, a special contact or a direct line to the best travel deals.

Tell your availability for this position. Let the recruiter know when you can start and give the recruiter information on your flexibility as far as location. You may be required to work off-site or as a telecommuter when you work as a travel agent.

Suggest at the end of the letter that the recruiter call you for a meeting to discuss your travel experience and the points on your resume. Include your phone number in the text. Thank the recruiter and tell her how much you're looking forward to speaking to her further.


Keep the letter short, to about two or three brief paragraphs. You can go into details about your skills and experience on the attached resume.

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