How to Make Beaded Curtains With Shells

Making beaded curtains takes a lot of time, patience and plenty of beads. Seashells can also be used to make a decorative and innovative curtain or partition. The types of shells that would be good for this project are scallop shells or cowrie shells because of their generally even shape and the fact that they are commonly sold in craft stores. This is an extensive project, so make sure you will have the time and the patience to complete it.

Choose a location for your curtain and start pounding nails along the top of the doorway or window. Space the nails about an inch or so apart and measure the distance with your ruler. The distance between the nails should be the same for each one so that the strands of the curtain look neat and evenly spaced. Do this all the way across the top of the doorway or window.

Buy some fishing line and several packs of cowrie or scallop shells. You can get an estimate for how many you will need by measuring the length of the door or window and the length of the shells. For example, if your window is 3 feet high and your shells are each 1 inch long, you will need approximately 36 shells for each strand. Multiply the number of shells you need for each strand by the number of nails you hammered at the top of the doorway or window. Make sure the shells that you buy already have holes in them for beading. Fishing line will support the weight of all the shells better than any other kind of string and it will last longer.

Measure the length of the doorway or window for the amount of coverage you want and cut your fishing line accordingly. Do one strand at a time.

Tie a knot at the bottom of the piece of fishing line as tightly as you can. Coat it with a dab of hot glue to reinforce the knot, and let it dry completely. String the shells on the other end of the fishing line and slide them down to the end where the knot is. If you are using cowrie shells, feed the fishing line through the top and bottom holes of the shells so that the bottom of the next one rests against the top of the one below it. For scallop shells, put a dab of hot glue on the fishing line under the hole in the shell--this will keep the shells spaced. Tie a knot at the end when you are done stringing the shells over the length of the fishing line, and reinforce the knot with a dab of hot glue. Make a loop and tie it as tightly as you can. Hang the strand on the first nail.

Repeat steps three and four until every nail has a strand hanging from it to complete your beaded shell curtain.

Things You'll Need

  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Cowrie shells
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