How Do I Get Into BT Home Hub Settings?

Written by gwen wark | 13/05/2017

The BT Home Hub is a wireless Internet router which supports VoIP phone calls. It is available in the UK. Configuring a BT Home Hub can be completed once the Hub is connected and running. This will allow you to configure your Internet, telephony, wireless and firewall settings. You will be able to configure your Home Hub using your computer and an Internet browser to access the Home Hub Settings.

Make sure that your BT Home Hub is connected to the Internet. Your BT installer will make certain that the Hub is connected; if you are installing the Hub yourself, connect the Hub to the Internet using the provided Ethernet cable to connect this to the entry point in your home. Connect the BT Home Hub to power and make sure that the "Wireless," "Broadband" and "Internet" lights glow steadily.

Connect your computer to the wireless network by opening your network settings and selecting the BT Home Hub. You will need to enter the BT password provided with your Home Hub. If you are using a wired connection, connect the computer to the Home Hub using an additional Ethernet cable, then enter your network connections and enter the password provided by BT.

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Home Hub settings page (see Resources). You will need to enter your provided BT username and password. From here you can select configuration to adjust your settings, IP address, DNS address, passwords and firewall. You can also access your system and force a reset, or see a call log or system log.

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