How Can I Get Rid of the Glare on My Laptop Screen?

Using your laptop outside or in areas of bright light often results in glare on the screen. There are several options for getting rid of the glare on your laptop screen. Some options are free, while others cost money. When you reduce glare on your laptop screen, eye strain becomes less of a problem. Work in comfort in any light and even make your computing session more private by reducing glare on your laptop screen.

Adjust your position. For instance, if you are sitting with the laptop screen facing the light source, turn your sitting position around so the laptop screen is facing away from the light source. This option is not always possible or convenient.

Adjust your laptop screen. Move your laptop screen up or down to reduce glare.

Purchase a light shield. Light shields cost between £19 and £65, depending on brand and size, as of 2010. These install on the top of your laptop screen to prevent glare.

Install the light shield. Follow the instructions with your specific light shield to clip the shield in place on the top of your laptop screen. Remove the shield when closing the laptop.

Purchase an antiglare filter. These install over your entire laptop screen to prevent glare. These also serve as a privacy screen, meaning anyone sitting behind or at an angle to you will not be able to see your laptop screen clearly. The price for an antiglare filter ranges from £19 to £65 as of 2010.

Install the antiglare filter. Follow the instructions with your antiglare filter for specific instructions. For the most popular variety, stick the antiglare filter to your screen using the self adhesive backing. These filters can remain on your laptop screen, even when you close the laptop.


The first two options are free, but are not always viable. Some laptops made after 2007 have built-in antiglare screens. If you have an older laptop you want to upgrade, consider purchasing a new laptop with the built-in antiglare screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Light shield
  • Anti-glare filter
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