How to Override Ink Gauge Levels in a Lexmark Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

Though refilling Lexmark ink cartridges is a great cost-saver, Lexmark printers will often not recognise the refilled ink cartridges as having ink and will not print using these cartridges. By overriding the Lexmark printer's ink level gauge, it is possible for users to regularly use refilled ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ink cartridges. The process to override the Lexmark printer's ink gauge levels is easy and will get the user back on the printing track with little effort or time expended.

Open the printer's "Printer Solution Center" on the computer associated with the Lexmark printer.

Select the "Maintenance" tab with the mouse.

Select the "Install a new printer cartridge" option with the mouse.

Use the mouse to click on the "Next" buttons until the "Print the alignment page" window appears onscreen.

Select the "Print" button with the mouse.


Repeat the process if the error message continues to appear.


Replace ink cartridges after five to eight refills--ink cartridges will not last longer than this and may begin to leak.

Things You'll Need

  • Lexmark printer
  • Refilled Lexmark ink cartridges
  • Computer
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