How to Create a Hanging Mobile

Updated April 17, 2017

Hanging mobiles used as art or decoration are easy to build and fun to design. You can make a mobile out of any object or material. The trick is to add the elements from the bottom up so that the entire mobile is balanced. Start by collecting the object you want to include in your mobile and add pieces two at a time.

Collect the objects you want to hang on your mobile. Lay them out in the approximate positions you want to hang them. For example, you can make a mobile out of children's dolls or toys, kitchen implements, old mobile phones, seashells collected while on vacation, or paper.

Pick out the two objects that will hang lowest in your mobile. Attach them to the ends of a wire of whatever length you choose. Cut the wire and use pliers to bend the wire into hooks or loops to hold the objects. You may have to make a hole in the objects to hang them.

If you want to hang the two objects evenly, find the balance point along the wire. Make a loop in the wire at that point with the pliers. This is your basic hanging element, and the rest of the mobile will use the same procedures for adding and combining elements.

Attach the first two objects to a third object. Attach a wire to the third object, then attach the other end of the wire to the loop between the first two objects. Find the balance point between the third object and the first two objects, then make a loop in the wire with the pliers. You can also balance one large object with more than two smaller objects.

Continue adding elements and finish by adding a central loop to hang the entire mobile.


Mobiles are great children's projects that you can use to dispay origami, pictures, construction paper projects or photographs. Stiffer wire is better for a stronger mobile, but it is also harder to bend the wire with pliers. Coat hangers are usable but straightening them is difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Objects to hang
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