How to Replace the Battery in a Mercedes E320

Updated April 17, 2017

The Mercedes E320 is a popular luxury car that offers a number of high-end features to include heated leather seats, computer assisted traction, a CD player that can be controlled from the steering wheel, and simulated wood-grain panelling. As a result, many times it can be cost prohibitive to pay the dealership to conduct routine maintenance on your vehicle such as changing the battery or oil. If you own a Mercedes E320, you may desire to change the battery yourself in order to save money on maintenance costs.

Remove the back passenger seat that covers the battery in the vehicle. To do so, turn the clips that hold the seat in place until they are no longer holding in place and remove the seat from the car.

Unhook the ground wire first, this is an important step because it prevents you from getting shocked in the process.

Unhook both terminals that are attached to the batteries posts. Next, remove any brackets that are holding the battery in place and lift the battery free of the car.

Place the new battery in the same location and orientation that the old battery was sitting. Reconnect the terminals to the battery posts and then attach the ground wire.

Re-sync the windows and sunroof by opening them all the way, holding them there for a moment, and then closing them all the way and holding them again.

Start your vehicle and the battery replacement will be completed.

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