How to Scan a Document and Then Email it Using Windows Mail

Updated March 23, 2017

Windows Mail is an e-mail application that comes standard on most new computers that have Microsoft Office. The application lets you compose, send, receive and organise your e-mail. It also lets you attach scanned documents to your e-mails. This is a valuable feature if you need to send a document to a colleague or need to send out invitations to a birthday party. It takes about five minutes to complete.

Turn on your scanner.

Place your document face down on the scanner glass. Close the lid.

Open your scanner/printer software on your computer. Most printer software will give you the option to print, copy or scan. Choose scan. You probably will be asked how you want to scan your document. Choose to scan it to a PDF.

Hit the scan button on your computer. Once the scan is complete, you will name and save your PDF. Save the PDF on your desktop.

Open your Windows Mail.

Click "File" in the main menu. Scroll down and click "New Mail Message."

Click "Insert" in the main menu. Scroll down and click "Attach." You also can click the paper-clip icon at the top of the message.

Browse for the PDF you named and saved in Step 3. Click the "Attach" button. The PDF will appear in the header of the message.

Compose your message and add recipients. Click the "Send" button.

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