How do I get my kitchen certified?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to turn your cooking hobby into a business, you'll need to have a certified commercial kitchen to prepare your food. Laws for certification vary from state to state, but you'll most likely need to set up a separate kitchen in your home to use solely for commercial purposes. Despite the complexities, you can get your kitchen certified once you meet all the requirements.

Contact your state's health department. It's the State Department of Health that governs regulations for commercial kitchens in your area. The Department of Health will be able to send you a list of requirements for commercial kitchens.

Renovate your kitchen to comply with laws. For example, you may need to seal the kitchen off from your home if it is a second kitchen in your home. Commercial kitchens outside the home also have regulations; you may need a three-bin sink for washing dishes, for instance.

Submit your application to the State Department of Health. The state will have an application that you must fill out requesting commercial kitchen certification. You may have to submit a payment at this time as well.

Pass the inspection. The state will send an inspector to look at your kitchen and check it for compliance. If you pass this inspection, you'll receive your commercial kitchen license.


As you wait for your own kitchen to be certified, you may be able to rent commercial kitchen space from caterers or churches for your business. This may also be a more cost-effect solution than certifying your own kitchen, depending on the state's requirements.


Some states may require you to pass a written exam on the proper handling of food. Be sure to read over all the requirements for your state.

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