How to read go kart tire sizes

Updated July 20, 2017

Tire sizes on go karts will be labelled differently than those for passenger vehicles. Sizes for go kart tires are labelled similar to those found on ATVs and tractors, but will be smaller in size and designed specifically for use on go karts. A passenger vehicle will have a tire size similar to 255/55R18, while a go kart will have a size that looks similar to 4.10x3.50-4.

Locate the tire size on the tire. This is often found on the sidewall of the tire and will look similar to 4.10x3.50-4.

Read the first number of the tire size. Using 4.10x3.50-4 as an example, the first number is 4.10. This is the approximate height of the tire in inches.

Read the second number of the tire size. Again, using 4.10X3.50-4 as an example, the second number is 3.50. This is the width of the tire in inches.

Read the third number of the tire size. In our example, 4.10X3.50-4, the third number is 4. This is the rim size, in inches, that the tire is intended to be mounted on.

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