How to change an rx8 oil filter

Updated July 20, 2017

The oil filter on a Nissan Rx8 is at the bottom of the engine on the driver side right next to the oil pan. You will need an oil filter removal tool found at any auto parts store. The oil filter is in a tight space a few inches above the oil pan. Every time that you change the oil in your Nissan Rx8 you need to replace the oil filter. Changing you Rx8 oil filter will help to maintain the inner components of the engine and help to keep your Rx8 engine running well.

Jack the front end of the Rx8 up off the ground and rest the front end onto two jack stands. Get under you Rx8 and locate the oil filter. The oil filter is a small metal container. The oil filter looks like a metal cup screwed into the engine.

Place the drain pan under the oil filter. Attach the oil filter removal tool onto the oil filter and twist the oil filter counter-clockwise and pull the oil filter away from the engine.

Screw the new oil filter into the oil filter housing in a clockwise motion until the new oil filter is secured tightly onto the engine.

Remove the jack stands and lower the Nissan Rx8 to the ground.


Any auto store will have the replacement oil filter and the oil filter removal tool.


Make sure that the engine is cool before you start to replace the oil filter. Engine oil can leak and cause burns if the engine is hot.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Oil filter removal tool
  • New oil filter
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