Ideas for Displaying Vintage Brooches

Updated April 17, 2017

A jewellery box is the most common place to store jewellery, but for items such as vintage brooches, you should display them so everyone can admire them. Choose a display option that is aesthetically pleasing and keeps your precious vintage brooches safe and clean. With a little imagination, your vintage brooches can create a work of art in your home.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is a simple yet effective way of displaying vintage brooches. Use steel window screen fabric, scissors, permanent marker, ruler and a hot-glue gun as well as your chosen picture or photograph frame. Find any supplies you don't have at home at your local hardware or home improvement store. Take measurements from the back of your frame to mark the required dimensions on the steel screening with the marker and ruler, then cut the screening to 1/4-inch outside the lines. Attach the screening to the frame with hot glue and hold together until secure. Pin your vintage brooches to the steel screen openings, and either hang the frame on the wall or create a standing display by replacing the back of the frame with an easel.


Small cushions placed on your dressing table or cabinet are easy ways to display vintage brooches. Simply pin the brooches into the cushion. Satin and velvet cushions impart a luxurious look, but any fabric will work. Choose a colour that either matches, or contrasts with, the existing decor in the room. For a dramatic look, use a large cushion; pin several brooches to it and place it on a chaise longue or stool in your bedroom to make a real style statement.

Display Cabinet

A regular display cabinet is probably the most secure way of displaying your vintage brooches; choose this option if your brooches are extremely valuable or if you have a large quantity of them and want them all displayed in the same place. Auction websites and second-hand stores often sell used display cabinets at bargain prices, which you can customise--try spray-painting the wood or replacing the handles--for a more individual look.

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