How to Dispose of Old Vinyl Siding

Updated February 21, 2017

Vinyl siding is a material that can be easily recycled. The material is highly reusable and responsible consumers and businesses should ensure that all vinyl siding removed from homes and buildings is recycled. There are several options for getting rid of unwanted vinyl siding that will prevent it from ending up in a landfill. Whether you have a small amount of vinyl siding from your house or a large quantity from a construction site, you should do what is necessary to dispose of it responsibly. (See Reference 1)

Scrap the vinyl siding for a profit. Scrap dealers and refuse companies commonly pay money for scrap vinyl siding. This is a desirable method for disposing of vinyl siding for businesses that accumulate a lot of waste, such as construction companies. (See Reference 1)

Contact your recycling centre to find out if they recycle vinyl siding. Some recycling centres also offer pickup services, particularly for large amounts. They may also pay for your vinyl siding. To find contact information for your local recycling centre, use online resources like Earth 911. (See Reference 2)

Call your trash service provider if you decide to throw your vinyl siding in the trash, rather than recycling it. You may decide to throw it away if it has been severely damaged, such as by fire, or if you cannot locate a suitable recycling program. You should call your trash service provider before placing it in your trash to schedule a pickup. It will probably not be accepted with your weekly trash pickup. (See Reference 2)

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