How to Use Sony Walkman MP3 Player

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony Walkman started as a portable audio device that played back music stored on audio cassette tapes. Advances in technology have changed how music is stored and played back on the Sony Walkman. Much like the Apple iPod, the Sony Walkman stores music tracks on the device in digital form. After transferring music to your Walkman, you can listen to any of the tracks.

Insert the Sony Walkman installation disc into the computer and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Sony Walkman software. Among the software installed on your computer is SonicStage, which is used to transfer music from your computer to the Walkman.

Plug the USB cable into the Sony Walkman data jack and connect the other end to a USB jack on your computer. The "Walkman Launcher" window will appear on the screen when the computer recognises the device.

Select "Music" from the list of options to start the SonicStage software.

Choose "Transfer" from the list of options and select "ATRAC Audio Device" from the list of locations to transfer you music. "ATRAC Audio Device" is the name used to specify your Walkman.

Place a mark next to each music file or album you want to transfer to the Walkman, and press the button with the right arrow button on it. The length of time it takes to transfer your files to the Walkman depends on the amount of music files and the size of the files. A status bar will appear on the screen indicating the amount of time left before the music is transferred.

Disconnect the Walkman from your computer when the transfer is complete.

Open the "Music Library" from the home screen to bring up a list of music filters. The music filters include "Album," "Artist" and "Genre."

Select the music filtering option by highlighting it and pressing the "Play" button. A list of music according to the filter is displayed. For example, if you choose "Genre," a list of the music genres stored to your Walkman will display.

Choose a subcategory to bring up a list of the songs in that subcategory.

Highlight the song you want to play and press the "Play" button. The song will start playback.

Control playback of the track by pressing the right arrow button to skip to the next song, the left button to reverse to the previous song, and the "Play" button to pause the song.

Things You'll Need

  • Installation disc
  • Sony USB cable
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