How to Identify a Goebel Figurine

Updated February 21, 2017

Goebel Germany is a maker of fine porcelain figurines, plates and bells. The company is known chiefly for its Hummel figurines. Company founder Franz Goebel discovered Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel after he saw postcards of her drawings and paintings of children and started production of porcelain figurines based on her work in 1935.

Go to the Attic Shoppe website and print out the table of Goebel and Hummel trademarks. Two separate charts show pictures of each brand's trademarks, along with the years they were used.

Turn over the Goebel figurine and look for the proper identification marks. Each authentic Goebel figurine has a mould number on the bottom, along with an official Goebel stamp or trademark. The actual word "Goebel" was not used until 1964. Hummel figurines also have a "Hummel" signature.

Visit eBay and type in "Goebel" in the search field. At any one time there are more than 3,000 Goebel figurines up for bid. Compare your piece to the listings, nearly all of which have pictures in addition to descriptions.

Contact the two private, non-profit clubs for Goebel collectors. According to an article, "Goebels," on the World Collectors Net website, one is Goebel Networkers, P.O. Box 396, Lemoyne, PA 17043. The club focuses on all things Goebel with the express exception of Hummel figurines. The Friar Tuck Collectors Club specialises in Friar Tuck items and may be contacted at 620 Hobbs Road, Jefferson City, MO 65109-5747.


All Hummels are Goebels, but the Hummel line represents a small fraction of Goebel Germany's total output. Sister Hummel wasn't the only artist whose work Goebel Germany turned into porcelain figurines and other decorative ware. Goebel also copied the work of such artists as Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell. The figurines generally carry the signature of the artist.

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