DIY Repair of Venetian Blinds

Updated February 21, 2017

Venetian blinds are a nice way to keep light out and ensure your privacy. Just like anything else, problems can arise with Venetian blinds from continued use. It is possible to fix window treatments yourself with a few basic tools and materials and following simple directions. Repairing the blinds yourself will save you cash in the long run, rather than having a professional fix them.

Replace the string in your blinds if the cords are damaged or broken. Pull off the plastic ladder cap from underneath the bottom rail or the long metal piece. Take out the ends of the cords through the hole in the bottom. Snip the cord with scissors just above the knot and solder the old and new cord together with a lighter or wooden match. Tie the cord in the end when it is at the desired length.

Replace the slats if they are damaged by pulling off the ladder cap from the underside of the bottom rail. Pull out the ends of the cords and cut them just above the knot. Unwind the strings through the holes up until the damaged slat. Slide out the slats and position the new ones so the route holes line up with the other slats. Feed the cords through the holes. Put the caps back in the bottom rail.

Install a new wand tilter if the blinds will not tilt and it needs to be replaced. Unhook the blinds from the window. Pull out the metal end brace from the end of the head rail or long metal piece that holds the blinds. The wand tilter--mechanism you use to tilt the blinds--will be hooked to a long, metal rod, which is the tilt rod. Push the wand tilter away from the tilt rod until it unhooks. Push the new tilt wand against the grooves of the tilt rod until it snaps into place. Replace the end brace in the head rail.

Place the blinds in the window if they will not lower and raise the lift cords so they are even with the head rail and gently pull down. This should help release the cord lock so you can lower the blinds.

Remove the blinds from the window if the cord lock still has not released. Pull the end brace off the head rail and find the cord lock mechanism, which will have cords feeding through it. Push a flat screwdriver into the pin in the cord lock mechanism, which should release the cords.

Things You'll Need

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Wooden match or lighter
  • Tilt wand
  • Flat screwdriver
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