How to Knot a Clothesline Pulley

A clothesline pulley allows you to take advantages of what nature has to offer while reducing your energy use. Not only will you help the environment when you use a clothesline, you will also save money on your utility bills. In addition, creating a clothesline pulley takes little effort.

A clothesline pulley system can be created from a kit that can be purchased at a home improvement store. It can also be made from PVC clothesline, two clothesline pulleys, a pulley tightening device and a few screw hooks. Once you have your pulley set up, all you need to do is connect the two lines together.

Create a slip knot. Take one end of the clothesline rope and make a loose loop. Pull the free end of the rope through the new loop. Make sure the rope does not get twisted. You have created your knot for the clothesline pulley.

Grasp both ends of the clothesline rope and pull tightly.

Make another loop with either end of the clothesline, making sure your knot is on the top side of the pulley. Pull the other end of the clothesline through the loop that you just made. Once it is through the loop, pull the clothesline as tight as possible. Your clothesline pulley is now tied off and secured.


This is just one way to knot a clothesline pulley. Using any simple knot will do, as long as it is secure and tight.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothesline rope
  • Pulley system already in place
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