How to Copy One Page of an MS Word Document

Updated February 21, 2017

Using the copy and paste feature in Microsoft Office Word is similar to using it in other programs. You can copy a word, paragraph, page or entire document from Word and paste it into another document or program. Microsoft Word's content appears as editable text within other programs, whether you're pasting your content into an e-mail or PowerPoint presentation. Tables will copy with the cell's contents into an Excel spreadsheet, while clipart, WordArt and other graphics, will remain as images after they are pasted.

Open the page you want to copy in MS Word.

View the entire page at a glance by changing the zoom percentage to "Whole Page." To open the "Zoom" tool, click on "View" and "Zoom" or select the "Zoom" button in the "Standard" toolbar.

Use your mouse to select an entire page or press the "F8" key on your keyboard, then use your down arrow to select the page until the end.

Select "Edit" and "Copy" from the toolbar (shortcut: Ctrl+C) in MS Word.

Open the document, spreadsheet or program where the page's contents will be pasted. Then select "Edit" and "Paste" (shortcut: Ctrl+V) to paste your work.

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