How to Repair Moth Damage in Garments

Updated November 21, 2016

Moths, one of the most destructive and elusive household pests, can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to a wardrobe before they are caught. Living only to eat and create more moths, these creatures are especially fond of stored, undisturbed clothing. Luckily, not all moth damage is irreparable, especially in the case of lesser damaged items.

Reweave the damaged garment. In the case of sweaters and other knitted articles of clothing, you can attempt to reweave the damage. This can be done if you have saved some extra yarn from the garment, or if you are able to locate a very close match at a craft or fabric store. You could also check the garment for loose threads of yarn, or take sections from unseen areas such as hems, pockets or facings to reweave the hole if it is small enough. Depending on the type of material and your own sewing or knitting skills, you can do this at home.

Camouflage the damaged areas. Using patches and creative embellishments, take advantage of the holes and add your touch to the garment. Appliques, jewels, and sometimes even the simple placement of a belt, scarf or jacket can hide an unsightly hole.

Restyle the garment. Browse through fashion catalogues for ideas, and consider adding pockets or collars, hemming the garment, or adding a cuff. In the case of badly damaged clothing, the garment could be cut apart and repurposed to make a new article of clothing such as a wrap or shawl.

Call the professionals. In the case of especially delicate or sentimental garments, your best option may be to call the professionals. You can check for weaving/reweaving businesses, dry cleaners and tailors. These professionals can help you repair the most special or most badly damaged pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Bonding material
  • Patches
  • Embellishments
  • Sewing kit
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