How to Connect a Playstation 1

Updated June 09, 2017

The PlayStation One (PS One) is a redesigned version of the original Sony PlayStation video game console originally released in 2000. The PS One was smaller than the original version of the console released in 1994. The PS One and original PlayStation work almost identically. The principle difference between the two is aesthetic. Both consoles share an identical procedure to connect the console to a TV set.

Connect the rectangular plug on the AV cable into the matching port on the back of the Sony PS One or PlayStation console. There is only one way this plug will fit, so it cannot be inserted incorrectly.

Plug the yellow, red, and white plugs of the AV cable into the matching ports in your TV set. These will usually be on the back of the TV.

Plug the round plug of the AC adaptor into the back of the console.

Plug the PS One into an electrical socket using the AC Adapter. The console is not connected and ready for use.


Some TV sets do not have colour coordinated AV ports. The yellow plug will go into the port marked "Video In." The white cable will go into the port marked "Audio Left In." The red cable will go into the port marked "Audio Right In." In rare instances, the TV set will only have one "Audio In" port. In those instances you will only plug the white cable in and leave the red cable disconnected.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony PlayStation One (PS One) or original PlayStation console
  • AV cables
  • AC adaptor
  • TV set
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