How to Install an iPod in an Audi TT

Updated July 20, 2017

The 2010 Audi TT is now capable of full integration with the iPod. Inside the glove box is a USB cable that is hooked directly into the TT's stereo. You have the ability to choose any song from your iPod's library, and play it through the Audi TT's stereo system. TT's that were manufactured in 2007, 2008, and 2009 have an iPod port in the glovebox, but it is stationary. You can only choose from five playlists, and you cannot navigate your iPod interface. Pre-2007TT's have no iPod jack. To play your iPod you will need to hook up an FM transmitter.

Open your glove box and remove the end of the USB cable that is exposed. The other end of the cable is already connected to your stereo, and is not visible. Do not yank on the cable as it may become unhooked.

Insert the USB cable into your iPod's USB port.

Turn on your TT's stereo and select your iPod from the LCD interface.

Select a song from your iPod and press play. Turn up the volume on your iPod or stereo if necessary.

Open your glovebox. Securely insert your iPod into slot six of your CD changer.

Turn on your stereo. Select disc six on your stereo interface.

Choose a playlist from the five listed on your interface.

Purchase an FM transmitter and an iPod dock.

Plug one end of your dock into your TT's power source or cigarette lighter.

Hook your iPod to the dock through its USB port.

Select a signal station from your iPod dock's list of stations. Then, turn on your stereo and select the same station listed on your iPod dock.

Choose a song and hit play. Adjust stereo and iPod volume if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • FM Transmitter
  • iPod
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