How to Reprogram Audi Keys

Updated July 19, 2017

Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, Audi manufactures luxury cars for buyers around the world. One of Audi's luxury features is the distinctive flip key. The flip key opens and closes like a pocket knife (some owners call it a "switchblade key"), and its built-in remote allows you to control the car locks from a distance. These keys will be programmed specifically to your Audi, but they may need a tune up from time to time. You could have your Audi dealer do the reprogramming for you or you could reprogram the keys yourself.

Place one of the keys in the ignition and twist it one click forward. This will turn on your car without starting the engine.

Exit the car and shut the door.

Lock the driver's side door with the second key. Do not use the remote.

With the key in the door, press the key's "unlock" button once. The headlights on your Audi will blink twice, but your doors will stay locked.

Unlock and relock the door with the key. Do not use the remote.

Remove the key from the door and the key from the ignition, and check whether the reprogramming was successful.

Repeat the process, but switch the keys: put the programmed key in the ignition and, put the unprogrammed key in the door lock.


Before you exit the car, roll down your window (in case a problem arises).


-If your headlights don't blink, try pressing the "unlock" button twice. -If your doors unlock when you press the "unlock" button, lock the door with the key. Then unlock it.

Things You'll Need

  • Two Audi keys
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