How to disassemble a sliding glass door

Whether you're replacing a worn out or broken sliding glass door with a new unit, you have to remove the existing door first. The best way to remove a sliding glass door is to disassemble the door completely. Both the sliding glass panel and the stationary panel will come out of the track. Once the door panels are out, you can disassemble the frame and install your new door. Glass doors are heavy, so if you can get a friend to help, your project will take less time.

Locate the plug covers on the bottom rail of the sliding door that cover the adjustment screws for the rollers. Look for the covers on the end of the door panel toward the bottom.

Insert a small flathead screwdriver between the plug and the frame. Pry the plug out of the door.

Insert the screwdriver into each hole and rotate the adjustment screw counterclockwise to lower the rollers.

Remove the head stop from the top of the track on the inside of the frame. The head stop is the piece of metal that fits over the track and the door. Use a cordless screwdriver to remove the retaining bolts that secure the head stop.

Open the sliding door and grab each side of the door panel. Lift up on the door and pull the bottom of the door out of the lower track. Lower the panel to pull the door panel out of the upper track. Set the door panel out of your way.

Disconnect the fixed panel of the sliding glass door from the frame. Depending on your particular door, you may have retaining screws along the top, bottom and sides. Remove the retaining screws with a cordless screwdriver.

Lift the panel and pull the bottom of the panel out of the bottom track. Set the panel out of your way.

Remove the screws that secure the latch jamb frame and the fixed panel jamb frame to the door frame with a cordless screwdriver. The latch jamb is the side of the jamb that the sliding door handle would latch shut. The fixed jamb side is the side where the stationary panel was located. The retaining screws will be throughout the centre of the jamb frames. Insert a small flat crowbar between the door frame and the house frame to pry the door frame off after removing the screws.

Remove the screws in the upper and lower tracks and pull both tracks out of the opening.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Small flat crowbar
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