How to Customize a Daewoo Matiz

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're a proud owner of a Daewoo Matiz you're likely a person who values simplicity and value. The Matiz is a relatively new model. It's only been around since 1998 and is just now gaining recognition as a top quality automobile. However, Daewoo Matiz owners know what a value their car is but they also know that they could get more out of their car by making it look sportier and by adding aftermarket accessories.

Install a body kit. The Matiz is designed for compact economy driving in the city. Adding a body kit will give the feeling that the Matiz is a bit bigger without sacrificing the fuel mileage. A body kit typically replaces the bumpers, side skits, spoilers and in some cases the hood. They are designed to give the car a sportier look and their light weight fibreglass and plastic materials can actually reduce the weight of the vehicle thus improving gas mileage.

Replace the stock radio with an upgraded CD player. Many people have experienced issues with the radio code needed to restore the radio in the Daewoo once the battery has been replaced. Upgrading the radio in your car will allow you to enjoy CD quality sound but will also avoid this radio code issue. Although most domestic automotive aftermarket retailers do not specialise in Daewood parts, they can usually order them and install them for you.

Lower your vehicle's stance by installing lowering springs. Lowering springs replace the suspension springs on your Daewoo and lower the centre of gravity. This helps the vehicle corner better since the body is tall. This will also improve aerodynamics and help to improve overall gas mileage.


Daewoo automobiles are not commonly available in the United States and you might find a lot of obstacles when you start searching for business to help you customise your vehicle. Seeking out local import dealers will help put you on the right road for finding items locally.

Things You'll Need

  • Body Kit
  • Upgraded radio/CD player
  • Lowering springs
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