How to change marquee text color in html

Updated April 17, 2017

Scrolling marquees are a fun way to enhance the overall visual appeal of your webpage. Including one literally adds visual movement to any webpage. Though having some knowledge for writing HTML codes is helpful, you do not need an extensive understanding to add fun marquees to your webpage. You can also customise each marquee by changing the direction and speed, as well as font size and colours. You can even add a background colour to your marquee to add an extra splash of colour to your webpage.

Highlight, copy and paste this basic HTML scrolling marquee code into your webpage in the exact spot you want your marquee to be placed:

Type in your exciting announcement here

The default font colour in this code is black.

Add the following tag in between the > and the word "Type" located near the beginning of the above code: . Then, add the between the word "here" and in the above code. This example code turns the font colour red.

Refer to the link to the Hexadecimal RGB Color Chart listed in "Resources," below. Replace the word "red" in your code with the six-digit number for your chosen shade.

Preview your webpage to confirm your marquee scrolls properly and that the font colour you've chosen for the text is the colour that shows up. Change font colours by switching out the six-digit number in your font colour tag, then publish your website.


Remember to open and close your newly added font command with < and > tags. Otherwise, the font colour you choose will not display properly in your marquee. Each command written with HTML codes must be enclosed around these tags for it to work.

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