How to make a fizzy drink can wind mill

Try recycling aluminium drink cans to make your own lawn windmill. Windmills add interest to your yard. The windmills, often referred to as whirligigs or wind spinners, require careful attention to detail to make sure the blades spin. Impress your friends and family members with these recycled lawn ornaments. If you become skilled at making these windmills, then try taking them to your local craft fair or flea market.

Clean the aluminium cans to remove any sticky residue. Use warm water to thoroughly rinse the cans, and place them on towels to dry.

Cut the tops off the cans. Use scissors to make a clean cut to remove the can tops. Cut the cans so that the cuts stay even with their height.

Use a marker to draw eight even lines on the sides of two cans. Measure and mark the lines first to ensure that you make them even.

Cut the lines down to the bottom of the can. Try to keep the lines straight and even. You will now have eight strips on two cans.

Bend the strips carefully to make them lay flat. Cut into the bottom of each strip, the part that connects to the bottom of the can, but do not cut the blades off. Make the cut around 3 to 6 mm (1/8 to 1/4 inch).

Twist the blades with pliers. The blades need to resemble propellers, but you want to be careful not to twist the blades so that they fall off. Make sure each blade faces the same direction.

Poke a nail through the centre of the bottom of all four cans. This will make a hole that you will need to attach the cans to the coat hanger.

Straighten out only the side of the coat hanger that twists around the hook. Be careful not to straighten out the hook or the corner connection.

Place the wire through the holes in all four cans. Alternate cans with and without blades. Place a can without blades with the bottom facing the bent corner of the wire hanger. Then place a can with blades onto the coat hanger, followed by a can without blades. Finish the windmill by placing the last can with blades. Make sure the propellers face the same direction on the two cans with propeller blades.

Use tape to secure the cans with propeller blades to the wire coat hanger so that they spin freely. Achieve this by wrapping a strip of tape around the wire coat hanger between each can to make adequate space between the cans. Hang the windmill spinner outdoors.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 aluminium drink cans
  • Warm water
  • Towel
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Nail
  • Coat hanger
  • Tape
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