How to hang wall pennants

Show your team spirit by proudly displaying wall pennants of your favourite teams on a bedroom or den wall. As you collect wall pennants for hanging, hang them in a way that will not damage the wall or the material of the pennants. When you use a special poster adhesive, you can easily rearrange the pennants as you add more and even remove them whenever you desire without damaging any surfaces.

Gather your wall pennants and decide how you wish to hang them on the wall. Arrange them by sport or by team on the wall. You can always rearrange them later if you wish.

Remove the adhesive backing from one side of one mounting strip and position it in the upper corner on the back of a pennant. Place another mounting strip in each of the other two corners of the pennant. Add a mounting strip in the centre, if you desire.

Peel away the remaining adhesive backing from the mounting strips and press the pennant onto the wall in the desired location. Feel free to reposition it as necessary until you have it at the desired angle and position.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to add the remaining pennants to the wall.

Reposition the pennants by simply pulling them from the wall and placing them in a different location as necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall pennants
  • Poster strips
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