How to send a kiss in text

Updated August 08, 2017

Whether you're celebrating a holiday (like Valentine's day or a birthday), want to express your love and devotion to your significant other or simply want to do a little SMS flirting, sending an e-kiss is the perfect way to do so. There are a number of ways to send a kiss via a text message, including emoticons (texted smiley faces) and various letters of the alphabet. It's likely the receiver will be very happy with your flirty text message.

Create a regular smiley face emoticon, only substitute an asterisk (*) for the normal mouth. For example:

:- or :

You can also make the eyes wink by using a semicolon, like this:


Use an "X" in place of the asterisk for a bigger kiss:


Or, to create a kiss even bigger than that, combine parentheses and an upper-case "I," which look like large, puckered lips:


Blow a kiss by using these symbols:


This is a normal smiley face with two fancy brackets creating an open mouth.

Send a french kiss with the @ symbol replacing the mouth:

:-@ or ;@

If you want to get a little more racy with your french kiss, or create an emoticon that looks like two people french kissing, create the following:

:-)~ or :-)~~(-:

Use the "x" symbol to sign off your text message. It's typically used with the "o" and represents hugs and kisses. Sign off with one x or two x's, or stick to the basic xoxo pattern.

Simply type out the word "kiss" in your text. It seems obvious, but the straightforward message will be surely leave an impression on the receiver.

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