How to Connect PS3 to Wireless Internet

One of the best features on Sony's PlayStation 3 is the PlayStation Network. On it, you can download game demos, full games, game content and movies, as well as playing online against other gamers. The easiest way to get your PS3 online is with wireless Internet, which is built into every PS3 model except the 20 GB launch edition.

Power on your TV, PlayStation 3 and PS3 controller.

Navigate to the "Settings" area. It's almost all the way to the left on the PS3's media bar.

Scroll down to "Network Settings" at the bottom, and press "X" on the controller.

Scroll down to "Internet Connection Settings" and press "X."

Press "X" on the "OK" screen, and then highlight "Easy" and press "X" again.

Scroll down to select "Wireless" and press "X."

Highlight "Scan" and press "X."

Select the wireless network you want to connect to and press "X."

Press right on the D-pad on the SSID screen, and then select the appropriate security setting. The system should automatically highlight what it thinks is the correct setting. If you aren't sure, select "None."

Enter your wireless security key if you have one. Otherwise, continue to step 11. After entering the key, press right on the D-pad again.

Press the "X" on the settings summary screen to save the settings.

Press "X" one last time to test your connection after saving. After the test has concluded, press "O." Your PS3 is now on the Internet.


If you have a low signal strength, your PS3 isn't close enough to your wireless router.

Things You'll Need

  • Television
  • Non-20 GB PlayStation 3 system
  • PS3 controller
  • Wireless router and Internet connection
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