How to Decorate a Keepsake Box

Updated March 23, 2017

A keepsake box commemorates unique moments in life. Weddings, births, special relationships and life-changing events are all potential inspiration for keepsake boxes. The boxes can become heirloom items for future generations to enjoy. Keepsake boxes can be made of a variety of materials including cardboard, wood and plastic. Decorate your keepsake box with materials that complement the subject of the box. Use creativity and basic craft supplies to make a unique, aesthetically-pleasing keepsake box.

Sand the keepsake box if it is made of wood to smooth the surface. Sand the box in the direction of the wood grain to avoid scratches.

Use a paintbrush to apply non-toxic paint to the keepsake box. Acrylic paint dries faster and is generally cheaper than oil paint. Paint in the direction of the wood grain for a smooth finish. As an alternative, use spray paint.

Glue textured materials to the keepsake box. Spread craft glue onto the keepsake box in the desired location. Stretch the textured material taut onto the keepsake box where the glue is located. Apply pressure on the textured material for 10 seconds to set the glue. Use different textures on the keepsake box. Textures range from smooth materials such as a silk ribbon to rough materials such as a piece of burlap.

Glue three-dimensional objects to the keepsake box. Place craft glue onto the desired object. Press the object onto the keepsake box for 10 second to secure the hold. Use objects that relate to the subject of the keepsake box. For a wedding keepsake box, use items such as extra beads from the wedding gown or a dried flower petal from the bridal bouquet.

Attach a photograph to the keepsake box. In the interest of preservation, the Library of Congress suggests using photo corners as opposed to adhesives to attach photographs. Place the four photo corners in the desired location on the keepsake box. Slide the corners of the photograph into the photo corners. Use a photograph that captures the essence of the keepsake box. If it is a wedding keepsake box, use a photograph of the couple. If it is a keepsake box to acknowledge an event like going to camp or another special moment, use a photograph that illustrates the event.

Use glitter glue to write a label directly onto the keepsake box. Place the label when it can be easily seen when storing the box. Use glitter glue that is a contrasting colour to the colour of the keepsake box. As an alternative, use a word processing program like Microsoft Word to create a paper label. Use paper that is a complementary colour to the keepsake box. Use craft glue to attach the paper label to the keepsake box.

Warning recommends protective clothing and proper ventilation for pregnant women who are in contact with spray paint in order to reduce the potential risk to the unborn child.

Things You'll Need

  • Box
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon
  • Craft glue
  • Photo corners
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