How to Replace the Battery in a Binghamton Gucci Watch

Gucci is a leader in the high-end clothing and accessories industry. Available for both men and women, Gucci watches reflect the fine Italian craftsmanship for which the brand is known. Because Gucci no longer sells the watch model known as Binghamton, Binghamton Gucci watches are considered quite the find by anyone lucky enough to spot one at a second-hand store. If the battery in your Binghamton Gucci watch is dead, you can replace the battery at home and have your watch working again in no time.

Protect the face of your Gucci watch from scratches or scuffs by covering your work surface with a soft cloth.

Place your Binghamton Gucci watch face down on the soft cloth covering your work surface. Examine the back of the watch to determine how to remove the back cover. Remove screw-held watch backs by using an optical-sized, flathead screwdriver to take out the small screws. Remove snap-on watch backs by inserting the screwdriver underneath the edge of the back cover and working it back and forth until the cover comes free.

Remove the protective plastic or rubber disk that covers the battery compartment in your Binghamton Gucci watch. Reserve the plastic or rubber disk for when you're ready to reassemble your watch; the disk helps to ensure water resistance.

Pry the dead watch battery out of the battery compartment using the screwdriver. Discard the old watch battery, and insert a new watch battery in the battery compartment of your watch.

Put your Binghamton Gucci watch back together to complete the battery replacement process. Replace the protective rubber or plastic disk, making sure to put it back in exactly the way it was before. Replace the back cover of your screw-held watch case by inserting and tightening the screws, or replace your snap-on watch back by squeezing the watch between your fingers until you hear the back cover snap into place.


You can also use a case-opening tool for a personal digital assistant (PDA) to open snap-on watch cases.


Self-replacing the battery in your Binghamton Gucci watch may void its warranty. Contact Gucci customer assistance for information on the warranty for your watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Optical-sized, flathead screwdriver
  • Replacement watch battery
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