How to use an external monitor on my laptop

Written by larry amon | 13/05/2017

Laptops are good for many different tasks because they are portable. The downside of most laptops is a small screen. However, laptops are equipped to easily connect to external monitors. The connections on a laptop allow you to set up a whole workstation where you can use your laptop like a regular computer with as big a monitor as you want. External monitors are also a good idea if your laptop monitor is damaged.

Buy a monitor with a VGA connection. You can also buy a monitor with a different connection if you get an adaptor that goes from your monitor connection to a VGA connection.

Plug the monitor into the back of your computer. Almost every laptop has a VGA connection on the back for connecting external monitors and projectors.

Turn on both the laptop and the monitor. The laptop will have a key combination that you can use to toggle between internal and external monitors or to use both at once. On some laptops there is a function key for this. You will have to consult your manual to find out which key to use on your laptop.

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