How to Use Project Payday

Updated March 23, 2017

Project Payday is a legitimate work-from-home business opportunity. In fact, it is not unusual for a newbie to make money in the first week. In a nutshell, you sign up on a website that advertises products and services, and then try one or two of those services on a trial basis for free (or a very low cost, depending on which offers you choose). A freebie trader (FT) will pay you more than you spend on these trial offers. You make a profit from the trade and you are officially a freebie trader. After you complete the offers and get paid by a trader, you can send referrals to the affiliate yourself and get around £26 for each one that completes the offer requirements. The great thing is you can send as many referrals to the site as you want and collect money over and over.

Open a PayPal account. This is the primary method of transaction for Project Payday traders. In general, traders like to work with people who are verified with PayPal, but there are ways around this.

Get a valid credit or debit card (NOT a gift-card or prepaid card). Nearly all of the offers you have to choose from will require your card number, even if they are free trials. If you don't cancel within the allotted trial period, you will be charged the regular subscription price for that offer. Most freebie sites discussed in the forum are reputable and refuse to run offers from companies that will charge your card fraudulently or make it difficult to cancel.

Get a valid phone number. Sometimes the "offers" will call to verify your identify.

Sign up on a trading forum like The FreeLunchRoom. See Resources for a link. This freebie trading community communicates primarily through the use of threaded discussion forums. If you are already familiar with this kind of forum, you'll have no problem finding your way around. These forums connect buyers (people looking to pay for referrals) with sellers (people looking to get paid to be a referral). They also provide some protection to their members from scammers, and are a place to exchange experiences and knowledge about the business.

Familiarise yourself with the FLR site and introduce yourself to the FLR community.

Read the "sticky" member tutorials in the Getting Down to Business section.

Introduce yourself to a PPD (Project Pay Day) mentor with good/high ratings. Read through what they have to say. If they have many referrals (higher than 100) with a high rating, they're safe. They will introduce you to the program.

Ask your mentor about, or do some research, on the difference between 1) doing offers for your mentor and 2) exchanging referrals. You can also find lots of information on this within the FLR Forum.

Make sure you clear out your cookies before completing each offer. If your mentor fails to mention this to you soon, you should try to find someone else.

Start trading and keep very detailed notes.

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