How to Determine Clothing Size Measurements

Updated February 21, 2017

Measurements can be tricky, especially when it comes to clothing. Sizes are not universal so determining measurements for different clothes is essential. You may find it difficult because a medium shirt from one designer can fit great but a medium from another designer will be snug. Also, your clothing measurements may change over time because a style or fit might change.

Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, hips and chest or bust. When measuring your waist, for example, place the beginning piece of the tape, indicating 1 inch, at the middle of your waist and wrap the rest around until it meets. For men, measure your inseam to determine your pant size by extending the tape from your crotch down to the heel of your foot. Record all of your measurements.

Translate the measurements using a clothing size converter. The converter lets you view the measurements in whole sizes, determining how many inches at your bust, waist and hips make a small, medium or large size. According to, a woman's size 4 to 6 is 34 to 35 inches in the bust, 25 to 26 inches in the waist and 35 to 36 inches in the hips. Men's sizes are also on the converter and it determines how many inches at the chest make a shirt size.

Go to a tailor and have them measure your body. Tailors can give you professional measurements and also create clothing based on your preferences.

Visit your local clothing store and have a consultation with a wardrobe consultant or salesperson. They can take exact measurements and suggest outfits of the right size and fit. Many department stores have measurement charts that can assist you in finding your correct clothing size, also.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Clothing size converter
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