How to convert MP4 files to DVD format

Updated March 23, 2017

An MP4 file is a video file format usually compressed into a very small file size, so it can play in MP4 players, such as an iPod. It is akin to an MP3 file playing on an MP3 player. MP4 files can also be converted and burnt to the DVD format, with free programs such as DVD Flick.

Download and install the DVD Flick program linked in Resources on this page.

Insert a blank DVD-RW disc into your computer CD/DVD drive.

Run DVD Flick by clicking on the desktop icon.

Click "Add Title" on the right side of the program screen.

Browse and locate your MP4 file on your hard drive and click "Open." DVD Flick will display the MP4 title.

Click "Project Settings" in the program menu bar.

Click "Burning" and then "Burn project to disc." Make sure your DVD burner is selected in the "Drive" category.

Click "Create DVD." This will first convert the MP4 file into DVD file format and then burn the file to the DVD.

Eject the newly burnt DVD disc.

Things You'll Need

  • MP4 file
  • DVD Flick program
  • DVD-RW disc
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