How to Put Old Pictures Onto a Computer

Updated March 23, 2017

In this increasingly digital age, it can be just as desirable to have digital copies of your cherished pictures as physical ones. Putting old pictures on a computer requires that you scan the pictures. Scanning the pictures enables you to create a digital copy of the physical picture that you can view on the computer screen. As long as you have a printer with a scanner or access to one, you can put your old pictures on the computer.

Install, set-up, and connect the printer to the computer if the configuration has not been established already. See "Resources" for further assistance.

Access the printer's preference portal on your computer's desktop screen. Most printers install an icon on your desktop. The icon will usually bear the name and manufacturer of the printer.

Press the Power button on the top of the printer to turn it on for scanning.

Open the top cover of the printer, and place the picture face down on the printer's clear, glass surface.

Position the picture in the corner where the measuring lines are located.

Close the top of the printer down and press the "Scan" button on the top of the printer. (This button may either say "Scan" or display a picture of a computer and a printer page.) Once the scanning process is complete, the picture will appear on the computer screen in the printer's preference portal.

Click the "Save" action or icon at the top of the scanned picture when it loads.

Choose a name for your scanned picture when the dialogue window pops up. Type it in the data form at the bottom of the window, and click the "Save" button.


Instructions for printer set-up and software installation may vary depending on the manufacturer a printer. HP, Canon, and Epson, are all highly recommended manufacturers of printers with scanning capability. If the printer is not installed or set-up, please refer to your printer's user manual, or the manufacturer's official website.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer (with scanning capability)
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