How to Attach a Baby Mobile to Thicker Crib Rails

Updated February 21, 2017

While many parents consider a moving, musical mobile to be an essential part of a well-appointed nursery, many newer convertible crib styles possess thick rails that can make it hard to attach traditional mobile styles. By paying attention to the type of arm included with the mobile you select, you can find one that will work in your nursery. This will ensure your baby will enjoy that soothing display to help her fall asleep more peacefully.

Make a point of purchasing a mobile with an adjustable rear arm rather than a rigid, stationary clip. This feature will allow it to fit on the wider, thicker rails found on many modern convertible style cribs. Look for a wall mount option as well; this will give you a number of different installation options.

Check the mobile you purchased to see whether it fits onto your style of crib. Some mobile attachment arms consist of two parts: the arm that holds the mobile and a small, screw-on removable cap that you remove and then replace after positioning the mobile onto the crib. Others fasten using a clip that clamps onto the crib railing; these models can be difficult to position on thicker crib railing if they cannot be adjusted.

Exchange a too-small stationary clip on an existing mobile for an adjustable mobile attachment clip. You can buy these inexpensive clips online or at many brick and mortar baby and juvenile product retailers. Follow the directions for removing your mobile's existing arm and replacing it with the adjustable one.

Securely attach the crib mobile to your crib railing by carefully following the manufacturer's directions. Make sure it fits against the crib securely and doesn't shake or wobble. Always attach the mobile to the foot of the crib and avoid positioning it directly over your baby's head, where it could potentially fall and entangle the baby.


If you fail to find a mobile that works with your crib railing, consider suspending a mobile from the ceiling on elastic or fishing line (well out of the baby's reach) or purchasing a crib soother that attaches to the crib railing using adjustable plastic straps and plays music, displays a light show or offers soothing vibrations.


Never place a mobile on an adjustable crib rail; when you lower or raise it, it might end up too close to the baby. To avoid risks of entanglement, "Consumer Reports" magazine recommends removing the mobile from your baby's crib when he begins to push himself up onto his hands and knees.

Things You'll Need

  • Crib Mobile
  • Adjustable arm
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