How to find the serial number for adobe acrobat on my computer

Written by david a. wells | 13/05/2017

Adobe Acrobat is a software package that allows you to create Portable Document Format or PDF documents from text and image files. The PDF format has become the standard for document exchange between businesses and governments. When you install Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you will be prompted to enter your unique serial number. Once you have installed Acrobat on your computer, locating your serial number is a simple process.

Open Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Select the "Help" drop down menu.

Select "About Acrobat" from the drop down menu.

Look in the lower right hand corner of the graphical dialogue box for a 20 digit number separated by dashes every four digits. This number is your Adobe Acrobat serial number.

Download a free Key Finder program from the web.

Install your key finder software application.

Run your new key finder program. It will show you all of the product keys for each of the software applications installed on your computer. Locate the entry for Adobe acrobat in the list.

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