How to find where someone was born

Updated July 19, 2017

Finding out where someone was born can be time-consuming. Birth information is always recorded if it took place in a hospital within the last 50 years. Those who were born in homes or more rural areas may find it a bit more difficult to secure the information. People of colour searching for records on ancestors may also face hurdles since records of birth were recorded in plantation ledgers or all-black churches. However, finding out where someone was born can be extremely rewarding and informative--provided of course you know how to search.

Contact your state's Bureau of Vital Statistics. Request a copy of the person's birth certificate. A copy of the certificate of live birth is filed with this particular bureau of the state whenever someone is born.

Submit a public records request to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in order to receive a copy of the desired birth certificate. Certificates of live birth are public records and available to anyone who wishes to have one.

Study the birth certificate. Determine the location of birth. Find the exact city that's listed as the person's birthplace. Look for the name of the hospital, which is often listed on birth certificates.

Contact the newspaper of the city where the birth occurred. Request information regarding how to search the paper's announcement for births. Find out if it's possible to search their online archives for the birth announcement.

Visit online search portals like and utilise resources available on the site.

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