How to Use USB Headsets for XBox 360

Updated February 21, 2017

The Xbox 360 is a powerful gaming device capable of connecting users online through the Xbox Live subscription service. In order to experience the full extent of Xbox Live's features, you'll need a headset so you can chat with fellow gamers during play sessions. Although hard-wired controller headsets come packaged with new systems, wireless USB headsets (manufactured by Microsoft) can also be used with the system fairly easily.

Charge the headset. When you first unpack your USB headset, you will not be able to perform any functions with it, as its battery will be completely dead. Charge it by plugging the large end of the mini-USB cord (which comes bundled with the headset) into one of the Xbox 360's USB ports (located at the base of the console.) Then, plug the small end into the mini-USB port on the headset. A light will flash. Once this light turns off, the headset is charged.

Power on the console (if it isn't on already) and then the headset. The headset's power button is located on the outer side of the headset's earpiece.

Press and release the sync button on the Xbox 360. This button is the small circular one located next to the memory card ports.

Press and hold the sync button on the USB headset, which is located on the mic extension. The ring of light on the Xbox will illuminate. Then assign the headset to the first available console slot. Once the ring stops flashing, your headset will be connected.


Third-party USB headsets do not work with Xbox 360 consoles. Only those manufactured by Microsoft and created specifically for Xbox headsets will work properly.

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