How to Connect Headphones to the PS3

Updated March 23, 2017

Connecting headphones to a PS3 is not as simple as inserting a headphones adaptor into a headphone jack. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack for the PS3, so an alternative connection is required. Connecting headphones requires a minor configuration process that can take anywhere from five to 10 minutes, if you have all of the necessary accessories on hand.

Plug the PS3 A/V supplying cord to the upper inlet port at the back of your PS3 gaming console.

Insert the HDMI cable into the available port directly below the A/V supplying cord port.

Connect the two output cables to the PS3 audio converter port. (Hint: These cords are red and white.)

Plug the headphone jack into the end of the audio converter, opposite to the output cables.

Power on the PS3 gaming console.

Go to the PS3 sound settings, using the gaming console controller, and select the "Audio Output / SCART / AV Multi" settings at the bottom of the Sound Settings list.

Exit out of the Sound Settings and access the PS3 Video Settings.

Choose HDMI as your video connection type.

Close out of your configurations and Sound settings, and test the configuration to ensure the headphones work properly.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of headphones
  • Audio input connector
  • PS3 A/V supplied cord
  • HDMI connection cord
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