How to Donate Old Textbooks to a Non-Profit

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have used or old textbooks that you would like to donate to charity, there are many different organisations that accept donations. Many groups have a specific focus such as ¨Books Through Bars,¨ which sends reading materials to prisoners and prison libraries across the United States. Other non-profit focus on geographical regions of the world, such as ¨Books for Africa.¨

Visit resource websites. Because there are many different non-profit organisations, you will want to learn more about the types of programs that appeal to you. It´s important to consider not just where the books are going, but also how you are going to get them to the organisation. Goodwill Industries has donation centres across the country, so it´s usually relatively easy to donate your books to them in person. Other groups request that you mail your books to them.

Send books to appropriate non-profit groups. It´s a good idea to send your textbooks to the places and people where they will be of the most use. Think about who would be receiving your text books. A children´s charity may not be the best choice for highly specialised and advanced level text books. However, they might greatly appreciate more general math and science text books.

Consider making a cash donation also. If you decide you really like the non-profit program that you are donating books to, give them a little more. Groups that ship books overseas often need help with shipping and operating expenses. Even a dollar or two can go a long way to offset their other costs. Remember, charitable donations to non-profit organisations are tax deductible!

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