How to Tell a Real Gucci Hat

Gucci fedoras and bucket hats are just two of the Italian fashion house's most popular types of hats. A Gucci hat is a sign of wealth and prominence, seeing that as of 2009 most of the Gucci brand of hats cost in the neighbourhood of £162 to £325. Unfortunately, replica makers seize on the opportunity and produce low-cost, low-quality replicas to sell to unsuspecting Gucci lovers. Make sure that the hat you're considering buying is actually Gucci, so that you can be sure you're spending your money on the real thing.

Ask the seller for the hat's controllato card. Every Gucci item is sold with a small, white card with the identification number on the back and the Gucci logo on the front. If the seller cannot present this card, it may not be a real item. Make sure it is an authentic controllato cards; black cards or cards that are not embossed are fake.

Look on the inside of the hat. The Gucci logo should be sewn in on all four sides, engraved on a leather placard. Some fake hats have tags that are sewn in on only one side. A real Gucci hat will also have the identification number engraved, not stamped on the piece of leather.

Examine the double "g" logo, if the hat you are considering has one. While not every hat has the double "g" logo, most do. Make sure that the "g" design isn't another letter; clever replica makers may override copyright by making those letters small "e" letters instead.

Look on the inside of the hat to find a band of the label's famous red and green ribbon on the inside. A real hat will have a band in the following pattern; green, red, green in alternating stripes. Some fakes have the pattern backward, or do not have the ribbon sewn on the inside at all.

Consider the quality. As it's true with any Gucci product, you are paying the top dollar price for the amount of quality that goes into making the piece. In the case of the hat, the workmanship will be perfect; there will not be any loose threads, the stitching will be even and the material will line up perfectly. Anything less than perfection could mean that the hat is a fake.

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