How to get a replacement medical card

Updated November 21, 2016

Medical cards are proofs of enrolment and eligibility for the Medicaid program or other government assistance. The Medicaid program is a health care assistance tool provided by the state, and funded by both the state and federal government under the Social Security Act of 1965, serving low or no income families under the federal poverty level. When a medical card is lost, service can be denied. If you have lost or misplaced your medical card, you can get a replacement card by following a simple protocol.

Call your state agency that provides Medicaid coverage. In many states, this agency is the Department of Children and Families; in other states, it may be a Medicaid office. For example, in California, the Medi-Cal Agency provides Medicaid services; in Texas, the Department of Health and Human Services Commission needs to be contacted to request a new card.

Provide your Social Security information for identification.

Record your birth date, address, contact telephone number and mother's maiden name; these may be required for security purposes.

State whether you feel your card is lost or stolen; stolen cards should be reported immediately to prevent fraudulent use. Lost cards will be cancelled and a new card will be mailed to your mailing address.


If you cannot find the correct agency in your state to call for a replacement card, call the Department of Social Services or your local Medicare office; they will have the contact information for Medicaid services. Some states allow Internet orders for replacement medical cards.


Keep your medical card in your possession at all times. If you ever require medical care, this card will be necessary for billing purposes.

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