How to Troubleshoot ADT

A malfunctioning ADT security alarm system may increase the risk of your home or business being burglarised. According to FBI crime statistics, a burglary takes place every 15.4 seconds. So keeping your alarm system up and running is important. There are some common problems that you may encounter. In many instances, these problems have simple solutions that don't require assistance from an ADT technician. By following a few troubleshooting solutions, you can help keep your home or business protected.

Push the "reset" button located on the ADT panel to resume the security system's normal function.

Check your electrical socket. If the alarm displays "no ac" then the system isn't receiving an electrical current. Unplug the system. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. Plug it back in. The "ac" should clear. If not, plug another electrical device into the outlet, such as a radio. If the device works, then there's a problem with the alarm and an ADT technician must check it out.

Make sure your doors or windows are closed. The keypad will display "not ready" when you turn it on when the motion detector senses movement. Closing the door or window prevents air from stirring. This creates the right condition for the alarm system when it's time to turn it on.

Contact ADT at 888-238-7374 when you see the message "still working on it." This indicates that your alarm is stuck in programming mode. You should only see that message when an ADT technician or installer is actively working on your system. The ADT operator will give you instructions for exiting out of the programming mode.

Call your phone company with your cell phone. Sometimes the ADT alarm system fails to properly communicate with the ADT call centre. Making the phone call verifies whether your phone line is working properly.

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