How to Build a Football Stadium

Updated April 17, 2017

Millions of people flock to football stadiums. A single football venue can host thousands of people, making football stadiums among the greatest sports venues in the world. Designing and building a football stadium will take years of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Design the plans and architecture of the football stadium. As with anything else, construction of a football stadium requires a long pre-production phase and since football stadiums are so large and detailed, the architecture alone can take years. Generally, major architecture firms are contracted to design the stadium. The owner of the football franchise gives his advice and the architects also work closely with city officials to find the ideal location.

Purchase the land or bulldoze the existing stadium to allow space for the new venue. Football stadiums will require a very large area to not only support the infrastructure of the stadium but also the thousands of spaces needed for parking.

Meet with government officials and city planners if you are part of the ownership, board of trustees or development team. New football stadiums are rarely built straight out of the pocket of the owner. A football stadium will cost millions of dollars to build, so the franchise usually turns to the public to help fund the project. If city officials support the decision, a vote for the general public is in store. If approved, taxes are raised to help financially cover the new stadium.

Begin construction on the football stadium after the architecture plans are finished and approved by the engineers. Construction for a building of this size requires many different construction companies and thousands of employees to finalise the venue in a reasonable time period. Most football stadiums take anywhere between three and five years to build.

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