How to Train Westie Puppies

Updated March 23, 2017

Westies, or West Highland Terriers, are a small, white, spunky dogs. They are typically between 6.8-9kg and have a round face with dark eyes. They are easy to get along with and are great with children as well. Westies are intelligent dogs that train very easily.

Train at a young age. Westies can and should be trained as early as 8 weeks of age. Make sure that training is fun and is a time when owner and dog are bonding.

Use verbal praise. Westies are very motivated by pleasing their owner. When a task is done correctly , make sure to use plenty of verbal praise. Never hit your Westie. When your Westie misbehaves, verbally reprimand your Westie.

Feed your dog treats as an immediate positive reinforcement. Food is a great reinforcer when first learning basic tricks. Use small bits of food in your hand to immediately reinforce a positive behaviour.

Teach basic commands first. Your Westie should first learn five basic tricks. Sit, stay , heel , down , and come are simple ones that lay a foundation for any other tricks you want to teach.

Ask for help if needed. Locating a training facility or school is a great idea if you want to expand what they are learning, or just to learn the basics yourself.

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