How to calibrate an Omron

Written by seth amery | 13/05/2017
How to calibrate an Omron
Omron makes a blood pressure machine for use at home. (chargerv8/iStock/Getty Images)

The force of blood running inside your vessels while it circulates through your body is known as blood pressure. One major problem older adults face is hypertension, which occurs when the blood exerts too much force. According to the British Heart Foundation, high blood pressure is a condition that most people will experience during their lifetime. Omron Healthcare offers blood pressure monitoring machines you can use at home, but you should have them calibrated every few years for the most accurate reading.

Contact Omron in the UK (see contact information in the Resources section below). Inform the representative that you require a calibration and request the current guidelines. Machines under warranty may be free, but machines outside of warranty may require a fee. Make sure you ask where to send the machine. The representative will give you a case number for your calibration.

Post your machine. Pack it securely with enough packing to ensure no damage occurs on its way to the facility. Include every part that connects to your machine and a letter with the case number and return address. Include your proof of purchase if the warranty still applies. Otherwise, include a cheque to cover the fee.

Contact Omron after two weeks if your machine has not yet been returned. Normally, this process takes from a week to ten days.

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