How to replace batteries on a tomtom

Updated February 21, 2017

TomTom is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of vehicle navigation systems. The TomTom uses Global Positioning System technology to point drivers in the right direction. Newer TomTom models even allow you to view live traffic information, as well as find fuel prices and businesses along your route. Although the TomTom uses a long-lasting lithium polymer battery, repeated charging eventually necessitates the replacement of the battery.

Unplug the charger from the TomTom and turn the unit off. Remove the SDRAM memory card (if equipped).

Turn the TomTom over and remove the rubber plugs protecting the security screws by prying them up with a small, flat blade screw driver.

Loosen and remove the security screws with a special hex head wrench turned in a counter-clockwise direction. Use a security bit tool set with different size hex bits, as the security nuts may be different sizes.

Remove the rear cover by lifting it by hand from the TomTom. If necessary, gently pry it up with a small, flat blade screw driver. Use care, as the speaker is mounted in the back cover and the electrical lead will still be attached. Unplug the speaker lead from the circuit board so that the cover can be completely removed and set it aside.

Carefully remove the tape attaching the battery wiring to the circuit board. Unplug the battery connector by pulling the battery wiring connector out of the socket, in the direction from which the wires come. Gently pry the battery from the battery compartment with a small, flat blade screw driver and discard it (check local laws for battery disposal).

Carefully place the new battery into the TomTom and plug in the battery connector. Replace the tape to hold the battery wiring to the circuit board. Place the back cover next to the TomTom and plug the speaker wire back into the circuit board connector.

Place the rear cover onto the TomTom and rethread the security screws into place using the special hex head wrenches turned in a clockwise direction. Replace the SDRAM card. Charge the unit fully before use.


Back up the TomTom's memory before removing the battery to avoid any accidental loss of content from the memory. The security screws holding the rear cover on the TomTom are hex head with a protruding stud that prevents you from using a standard hex head wrench to remove them. You will need to purchase a 33-piece security bit set.


Removal of the TomTom's rear cover to replace the battery may void your warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • Small, flat blade screw driver
  • 33-piece security bit set
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