How to operate the tilt mechanism on an office chair

Updated July 20, 2017

Office chairs are made in many different styles and shapes. There are some basic characteristics and functions to them. The basic office chair has a base with or without wheels on it, a shaft running up to the seat bottom, a seat bottom, chair back, adjustable arms and two levers, one for adjusting seat height and another for adjusting the tilt on the chair. We will focus on the tilt lever.

Sit down in the chair with your arms hanging down. Reach with your right hand down for the two levers underneath the seat. One should be flat or parallel to the ground. This lever adjusts the height of your chair. The other lever, which controls the tilt of the seat back, is angled down toward the ground.

Pull the tilt lever and hold it while sitting up straight. You will feel the seat back put pressure on your back.

Lean back to a comfortable angle. Release the lever.

Pull and hold the lever again if you need to readjust. If not, then you have set the tilt on your office chair.


Not all office chairs are the same. While these directions will work for most office chairs, there is the possibility that not every chair style is the same. The levers might be on the left-hand side, or both levers may be parallel to the ground. However, most office chairs will only have two levers, one controlling chair height, and the other controlling tilt.

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